Friday, May 30, 2008

Futures game season 1

I have often wondered, how accurate is the futures game in predicting Major leaguers? With this question I looked to the Season 1 futures and this is what I have found.


56 players named to the futures game of which:

10 retired before ever seeing ML action

1 retired after seeing ML action

3 are still waiting to break into the Majors

6 have had their taste of Ml action and are now back in the Minors

2 have ML service time and are now Free Agents.

34 are active in the Majors

Average ML time is 3.5 seasons

Futures have combined for 17 all star appearances, 2 gold gloves, 6 silver sluggers, a fireman of the year award, 1 MVP, and 1 ROY.


Top 4 futures stars are:

Ken Gibbs- 7 year vet- 4 time all-star ROY award winner, 4 time silver slugger, and AL MVP.

Dude Reed- 8 year vet- 2 time all-star 1 time silver slugger.

Jose Chavez- 8 year vet- 4 time all-star- 1 time winner of the Fireman of the year.

Harry Vosberg- 6 year vet 2 time all-star 1 time silver slugger.


Most look to make the majors and even have semi productive careers, It seem if a player make the futures game, he is either on the fast track to success or is already quite developed.

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