Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Season 20 2nd Power Rankings

1(1) Chicago Wolves – 37/59 in quality starts to go with top 10 era, whip and strikeouts.

2 (5) Texas Tornadoes - Aurelio Espada has picked up where he left off last season batting a ludicrous .357 with 19hr and 7SB. He is an absolute animal this season.

3(3) Salt Lake City Prospectors- SLC is the best combination team out there they have a great 3 man rotation, good speed and solid hitting, not one guy dominates either the pitching or the hitting, the sis a well-built team top to bottom. Outside of Hector Tarasco, I hate Hector Tarasco.

4 (6) New York Dolls -
struggling at home with only a 13-13 record, they need to shake off the new York Raspberries and start playing to the home crowd advantage.

5(8) Memphis Amon-Ra - CL Bob Thome has 2 all-star appearances, but no Fireman of the year awards what does this guy got to do to be respected in this league. He has been near unhittable for 4 seasons.

6(7) San Juan Saints - San Juan would be easily the team to beat if they could pick up their fielding issues. 59 error is 21 more than the league average.

7 (4) Colorado Springs Organizational Filler- Rookie SP Jim Gulan got his 1st start of the season this week. Posting a respectable no decision in 5 innings of working giving up 6 hits walking 1 and striking out 3. He still has work to do, but scouts expect more out of him.

8(14) Pittsburgh Pirates – Closer Dizzy Wynn was been shut down in his sophomore season complaining about pain in his forearm. Doctors suspect nerve damage and don't want him on the mound for 6 months. It will be late next season before we will see Wynn again. Huge lose for a closer who was posting a 1.99ERA.

9 (9) Minnesota Wobegon's - SP Damaso Martinez could be the best rookie pitcher this league has seen in a while, strike that he could be the best pitcher this league has seen in awhile

10(10). Colorado Mile High Club- RF Harry Rojas is making the most of his playing time in a monster lineup, seeing the cookie better than ever and driving it over the fences, he is on pace for more than 45 HR this season.

11(12) Dover Doves – Huge Blow for Dover as they lose Matt Chouinard for the season with a neck injury. Matt was on his way to a career year at the plate, and scouts feel this injury might be career threatening. Only time will tell, but he is signed for 2 more seasons.

12(24) Atlanta Braves - Rookie Woodie Goss appears to be the real deal, leading all rookies in batting average with a .336 with 9 hr and 11sb. Should be the front runner for rookie of the year.

13(2) Madison Massa's – 6 complete games and 3 shutouts for Madison a team who finished 3rd from the bottom in pitching in season 19. Pitching doesn't seem to be the problem this year in Wisconsin.

14 (22) Houston Stone Cold KillersCF J.C. Stokes has been an incredible threat on the base paths. When he gets on he is almost guaranteeing a stolen base. The problem has increasingly become his inability to get hits, Houston has watched his average fall the past 4 seasons without signs of life.

15(25) El Paso Massacre at Two Pines - +42 in the field along with low error totals and great overall acrobatics keeps El Paso in the games, but they just lack all the other tools to keep hope alive.

16(30) Seattle Fainting Goats –Seattle is starting the climb out of the basement with a .547 EXP win % they show good promise to make a run at a weakened AL North division.

17(16) St. Louis Twains – RP Del Escobar pitched in 1 ML game to 3 batters gave up 2 hits walked 1 and recorded no outs for his 1st career decision (loss) that will be his career line as he is now unemployed.

18 (15) Charleston Cougars - Should get an offensive pick me up from the return of Carlos Carrasco He should be a better option in Rf over Stu Taylor and Ernest Bailey.

19(19) Burlington Ice Storm- DH David Johnson is playing himself out of a job, when your only job is hitting the ball you should probably bat better than .114 in 70 at bats.

20(20) Anaheim strasfigor- it has to be only a matter of time before LF/1B Clay Cambridge gets a shot to return to the ML batting better than .330 in AAA he has a greater skill set than 1B Hank Norris currently starting for LA.

21(23) Norfolk Train Wrecks – Norfolk is learning very quickly that ST. Louis dropped SP Samuel Jackson for a reason.

22(13) Cincinnati Ramrod – Gary Jenkins and Hugh Samardzija were part of a big pitching shakeup. The Ramrods are looking for anything to put a spark in this bullpen. These 2 showed nothing in their ML time.

23(26) Salem Slammers- LF Carson Sauer is back in the Ml after a short stint in the minors to correct an issue with his swing. While his bat has not returned to force he is hitting the ball harder and driving it much cleaner. Salem has to hope this will result in more hits eventually this season.

24(21) Cheyenne Marmots – 2B Travis Stokes seems to have regressed after 5 strong seasons, he has struggled to find his swing this season and as a result Cheyenne finds themselves looking at possibly their 1st losing season in 4 seasons.

25(11) Charlotte knights - SS Sam Miller is done for the season with a major neck injury, this puts a huge hole on top of the Knight offense, but will give Charlotte the opportunity to audition some the farm hands.

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