Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quest for 2000 Hits

2801 hits Casey Kaline 37 Years old 1 year left on current contract. ETA season 20 or bust
Current Career leader in hits with 2801. At 38 his skills have dissipated to a point where he is no longer an everyday player. Progressively he has received less at-bat each season. At his current pace he would need 2 solid seasons to get 2000 hits. In reality it will take 3 seasons at his current pace. Can Madison truly sign him for 1 more season to let him get to this milestone, I'm not sure. Batting .270 with 5 HR and no steals for the 1st time in his career might be a little too extreme even for an owner whose know to fall in love with his players.

2768 hits Freddie Reynolds 35 years old 1 year left on current contract ETA Season 19
at 2768 Reynolds should slip past Kaline for the hits lead late in Season 18 and be the 1st to break the 3000 hit milestone. He has degraded considerable, but still has the skills to contribute daily. He needs to average 116 hits a seasons to make the milestone. I think his HOF numbers speak for themselves as he is the career HR and RBI leader, Career Hits leader will just be the Icing.

2616 hits Matt Shave 34 years old 3 seasons left on current contract ETA Season 20
Needing to average 128 over the length of his contract to make the 3000 hit club. At 2616 he is a shoe in barring injury to make it. He has never hit less than 150 hits in any given season except his rookie campaign where he was called up for a half season of action. Shave should be the ultimate #1 career hitting champ when all is said and done.

2435 hits Del Prieto 34 Years Old
Last year of current contract ETA Season 22 or bust
Losing most of S16 to injury really threatens to hinder his quest for 3000. Even factoring in his injury shortened season, he still has averaged 143 hits a season. He should age gracefully in the right conditions, but his injury history might be what will cost him in the end. His contract situation should allow him a 3 year window with his next contract.

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