Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Power rankings S17 Week 3

  1. Salt Lake City (-). I have suspected Salt lake city was a good team in the making for the past few seasons, I'm not sure they are this good, but they are pitching and hitting in the clutch throwing down a 16-3 1 run game record. RATING 539.25
  2. Texas (-). LF Vicente Arias has been a keen pick-up he has not only stolen bases but he is isn't striking out and batting over .300. What's not to like with him for 10M a season.RATING 525
  3. Tucson Mail Order Cowboys (-). Top hitting team in the league in the top 3 in almost every offensive category. They are currently batting 24 points higher than the 2nd best team. RATING 518.5
  4. Baltimore Bandits (-) the mercenary for hire approach has pushed Baltimore toward the top of the rankings. They also lead the league in Strikeouts let's check back next season and see how this works out. RATING 518.5
  5. New York NL (-)
    Lost a number of great guys to the rule 5 draft and they still field a hugely elite team. I'm not sure how they can't rank in the top 3, because they surely win, they just seem to under achieve. RATING 516
  6. Chicago (-) – only 24 errors this season at nearly the 1/3 point. Chicago has been unstoppable in the field. As a result of the fielding the pitching and hitting have been able to excel to levels higher. RATING 469.25
  7. Milwaukee Marauders (-) after spending an almost full season in the minors 1B Thomas Campbell returns swinging for the fences. This guy has HOF consideration written all over his career, looks like he is done and returns to prove everyone wrong. Feel good story of the season.
  8. Madison (--)
    7 games under .500 at home. Madison has been caught in a number of double digit shootouts at home. Without consistent pitching Madison could struggle to make the playoffs for the first time in over 14 seasons RATING 403.5
  9. Louisville (-) – Out of 70 inherited runners only 20 have crossed the plate. Pretty solid for the relievers. RATING 392.75
  10. Colorado (-) The Mile Higher were riding higher a week ago, but their current 2-8 streak has taken the team from 1st in the division to last and slowly dropping down the power rankings. RATING 383
  11. Salem (-) Signed 3B Steven Jenner as a 1 year replacement until the farm or FA could spit out a better option, instead they have to make those changes now with Jenner's season ending injury.-
    RATING 370.5
  12. Memphis (-) World series champs struggle at .500 right now but still sit on the top of their division. SP Adam James's Season ending injury will be a lovely surprise for holer when he returns. RATING 367.25
  13. Houston Stone Cold Killers (-) Free agents Whiteside and Beltre have pitched well below expectations both signed 2 year deals in the offseason and both have struggled with ERA's over 6 most of the season.–RATING 364.75
  14. Colorado Springs (-) SP Tyler Throneberry is probably proving himself better suited for Mopup spot starting or long relieve, he just struggles in consistent usage in the rotation. RATING 363
  15. Columbus (-) C Charlie Marion has set on the DL an extra 15 days, it might be time to activate him since he is the better option behind the dish this season. RATING 336
  16. Cheyenne (-) –Pitchers respect no one; they have yet to issue an intentional walk, the only team left with that honor. RATING 336
  17. Las Vegas (-) Mr. Roboto is currently running this team into mediocrity. If Cjmaxax steps forward and becomes hands on again they could climb the rankings. –RATING 319
  18. Cincinnati (-) Clarence Patrick has been practically unhittable posting a WHIP of .88 beating out 2nd place Teammate Angel Duran's 1.22 WHIP RATING 312.5.
  19. Philadelphia (-) currently leading the NL North, but as with this team when it was in Milwaukee, We have no respect for it and they will struggle to win this division. - RATING 306
  20. Hartford Whalers (-) RF Valerio Guillen's injury has slowed Hartford this season, When he returns watch as they climb the standing and challenge for the top of the NL North. –RATING 297.875
  21. Kansas City (-). Leading the league in GIDP's means it is time to shuffle the batting order and try a new configuration to get the ball in the air more. –RATING 272
  22. Minnesota (-) only 5 home victories have the home crowds cringing when Minnesota plays. They need to figure it out if this hopes to turn things around. Their current 8 game win streak is a great sign. RATING 260.75
  23. St Louis (-) CF Johnny Stroud has struggled as of late at the plate, he has always been short of his potential but is even worse this season batting a paltry .217 on the season. RATING 256
  24. Pittsburgh (-) – away pitching has been dreadful featuring an almost 7 ERA in all away matches. RATING 251.75
  25. Fargo Freeze (-) exp win percentage of .119 yet they aren't even the worse. A team ERA over 13 and they still aren't the worst. Sorry guys below its not that this is personal. RATING 247.75
  26. Florida (-) Florida's Pen was planning on leaning heavy on reliever Paul Tobin, but it looks like they will have him on the shelf until next year with Elbow surgery
    RATING 247
  27. Austin (-) – 62 game starts 0 quality starts that could be a record even Fargo had 9 quality starts. Time to evaluate the starting pitching. RATING 244.5
  28. Durham (-) 40 negative plays in the field have cost Durham a number of runs. Pitchers need a little more help in the field if Durham is going to raise the rankings. RATING 243.25
  29. Monterrey (-) LF Emil Reynoso is right back to where he left off leading the league in Strikeouts. Already amassing 73 in 222 Ab. Striking out 1 out of 3 PA's is quite the clip.RATING 242
  30. Atlanta (-) SP Darrell Williamson looks to spend his last season in AAA after 10 starts this season he struggled to get his hits down and ERA under 6. Barring injury it looks like he's done in Atlanta.
    RATING 225.25
  31. Mexico City Milf Mongers (-) the Question is how bad is the rest of the team when Darrin Power's 7-1 with a 2 ERA and my power rankings says the team is playing well over their heads. The team is due for an adjustment, I don't think they belong this low, but Powers can't keep up this pace. .RATING 220.875
  32. Norfolk (-) – poor hitting has sunk Norfolk this season this sit at the rock bottom of almost all hitting statistics. RATING 184.5

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